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Successful Grading- March 2013
March 2013 Grading
Tang Soo Do Open Tournament


We try to maintain a balanced view of the things we feel are important within our martial arts instruction. We try to ensure that all students get full tuition in the traditional martial art, sport and and self defence aspects. Students progress through grades following examination and are awarded belts to indicate thier progress through the art.


Tae Kwon Do is a modern martial art (founded in 1955), but was inspired by more traditional arts. Within our syllabus we teach the patterns or tul, which are an excellent way to learn technique and control.


Modern martial arts tend to focus on the competition fighting or sparring. Strength and stamini are almost as important as technique to excel in competition.

Self Defence

As the world we live in becomes increasingly violent self defence skills becomes neccessary to give us the confidence to live our normal life.